Canonbury Publishing

“Here I am at my exclusive Millionaire’s Lunch in The Shard overlooking the wonderful London Skyline, where I recently met up with some of the 12 individuals I’ve shown this too… each of whom have already banked between £1/4 MILLION POUNDS to £4 MILLION POUNDS using the system I taught them…”


My name is Heloise Laight.

I’m a 46 year old mother of 2 and wife of Nick Laight, who you might know from Canonbury Publishing.

What you won’t know however is that not only have I been quietly banking MILLIONS OF POUNDS for us in the background with a ‘system’ I developed…

But I’ve ONLY ever privately shown it to 12 ’OUTSIDERS’ before. 

I ‘worked’ with each one of them on it… showed them exactly how to use it… and the result is that simply by copying me and using it..




In short, it’s worked for EVERY single person I’ve shared it with –


In other words, if you’d been one of the 12 and used my system in the same way they did, you too would right now be sitting on £250,000 to £4,000,000

Actually, here’s what EACH of the 12 using my system has banked to date (full names hidden to protect their privacy):-

Individual 1Mrs F from Wales has already used the system to bank £304,258

Individual 2RC from East Sussex used the system to pull in £238,000 NET PROFIT well within a year…

Individual 3 Terry M has already generated £1.1 MILLION using the system

Individual 4CD’ has used the system to accumulate £1.8 MILLION… 

Individual 5AB’ from the Cotswolds has already used the system to siphon off £680,115 NET PROFIT

Individual 6 LF… from Devon used the system to bank £300,000+ NET PROFIT in less than 24 months…

Individual 7 KC used the system to generate an incredible £4.2 MILLION

Individual 8 RF from Chester has already used the system to pocket £440,615

Individual 9 Mr AD from Birmingham has already used the system to bank £497,587

Individual 10 NJ from Wirral has already used the system to make £882,797

Individual 11GR’ banked an incredible £302,370 in just ONE WEEK!!

Individual 12 And one guy (who has asked to remain completely anonymous), has already used the system to make £110,000 in ONE HOUR… and £250,000 over a single weekend!


2018 can really change for you – start travelling and living the first-class lifestyle…

So why am I telling you all this?

Because for the FIRST TIME… and possibly ONLY time… I’m going to do exactly the same for a very small group of CANONBURY CUSTOMERS IN 2018 (you’ll see why I’m offering to do this for you in a moment)…

And I’m so confident in doing this for you that…



Just come along, sit down with me, relax and look at this LIVE in action BEFORE you even decide if you’d like to copy this from your own home… 


Just take a look. If you feel it’s not for you that’s ok. 

But if you do, from that moment I’ll begin getting you all set up and making money…

Doing something which actually works… which will genuinely give you the chance to have DAILY PAYMENTS coming into your account – like the ones you can see here from just one of my own accounts linked to this ‘system’…

This is a chance to sit down alongside me and allow me to PROVE it to you by working the system with you as I did with the other 12 individuals I’ve mentioned…

To do something which can pay a RECURRING MONTHLY INCOME AUTOMATICALLY even when you’re away and which you can access from anywhere in the world…

So, if you want to be one of the Canonbury customers I’m looking for, get ready because I am about to make an EXCEPTIONAL and SURPRISING offer to you…

Hello Again

Let me start by stating two things.

Firstly, I want you to relax because as I’ve said…


Instead, I’m more than happy for you to come along and see what I do first hand… to see this business in action… and decide for yourself if you want to be one of the lucky few I’ll be doing this for in 2018.

And secondly, I absolutely KNOW that I can show you how to bank £30,000-£100,000+ PER MONTH from home doing what I am about to show you.

And I know this for two very good reasons…

The first is because I DO IT MYSELF every day – and have done so for years.

In fact, I can now do it all from a simple little Automated Online Business like this:-

Which makes Nick and I between…

£400,000 – £1.2 MILLION

The money comes in AUTOMATICALLY like clockwork month after month after month…

You might also like to know that I DON’T have to risk any money trading… I DON’T have to keep checking any charts, signals or stats…

Neither do I have to do anything else you’d usually associate with making money online which is why… I DON’T have to create any products… I DON’T stock any products… I DON’T deal with any customers…

I DON’T ship anything… I DON’T do anything techie… I DON’T even create the website that recipients of those emails go to…

And I don’t do any of this because virtually everything is done for me with the software which runs it… 

It’s like having your own team of employees working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Employees who NEVER stop… NEVER have a day off… NEVER get sick… and NEVER complain.

And unlike opportunities such as trading the currency, sports or stock markets, there is NO volatility, NO big risks involved and NONE of the usual worries or anxieties attached to these types of trading style opportunities as you wonder whether you are going to win or lose.

In fact, all I essentially do most days is a bit of basic ‘house-keeping’ but in the background it’s banking MILLIONS OF POUNDS as a result for myself and my family.

And it’s given us an amazing lifestyle.

We’ve gone from living in an ex-council flat to a prestigious tree-lined street in Central London full of Multi-Million Pound Homes.

In fact, we now own our dream house worth…


We’ve also gone from driving an old second-hand car to buying a BRAND NEW Luxury Mercedes CLS AMG 63

We’ve gone from not being able to afford to go away even in this country to enjoying FIRST CLASS 5 STAR HOLIDAYS abroard which we can go on several times a year…

We’ve gone from having no real time to do what we wanted in life and both stuck in jobs which were just grinding us down, to being able to have COMPLETE FREEDOM where each day we can decide WHAT we do and WHEN we want to do it…

In essence, I know you can do what I’m about to show you because we used it ourselves to dramatically turn our whole lives around… and in a very, very short space of time.

Which brings me to the second reason why I’m so confident you’ll make an extremely good living from this

And that’s because, besides doing it for myself and my family, this has WORKED FOR EVERYONE I’ve taught it to.

Not just for a few ‘clever’ people… not just the odd lucky person… but EVERY SINGLE ONE of the very ordinary individuals up and down the UK who I’ve given this system to and shown how to use.

As you can imagine it’s changed their fortunes and their lifestyles.

Some do it on their laptops, others on a tablet like their iPad and others from their smartphones (or a combination of all 3).

Doesn’t matter. 

The results are the same and it’s just as easy to do on any of these devices.

And now for THE FIRST TIME I am going to do the same for a small group of invited CANONBURY CUSTOMERS this year…

Which is why I’d like to personally invite you to come along and meet me in person so you can try this out yourself WITHOUT RISK on your own laptop, tablet or smartphone.

And if after seeing this you do decide you’d like to be one of these individuals, I’ll then sit down with you face-to-face for a FULL DAY

I’ll take you on as a new student… work with you… and show you a PROVEN FORMULA which you can follow to produce REAL RESULTS over the next few months to produce a…


I’ll supply you with everything you need, including the automated software the system uses to run much of it and show you how to do EVERYTHING from scratch (more on this in a moment).

I’ll even show you ACTUAL STATEMENTS of mine like these below so you can see the results for yourself first-hand:-

You’ll literally walk in as a complete novice…

And walk out a few hours later with a proven way of making money which you can use from anywhere in the world.

In short, you’ll know precisely how to take what I’m using right now to average…

£30,000-£100,000 MONTHLY!

But best of all I’m so confident you’ll love this,



Just come along, sit down with me and look at this LIVE in action BEFORE you even decide if you’d like to copy this from your own home.


Just take a look.

If you feel it’s not for you, that’s fine.

But if you do, from that moment, I’ll begin getting you all set up and into profit.

OK, so now that you can relax safe in the knowledge that there’s NO RISK just to take a closer look, let’s make a start…

In a moment I’ll let you know where we can meet and when, but first I should tell you:

  • WHY I decided to invite you in the first place…
  • HOW I make this money… and have taught others to profit from it
  • WHAT you’ll have to do to use the system to bank £7,500+ PER WEEK yourself (we’ll go through some figures in a moment)…
  • And of course HOW you can be one of the select CANONBURY CUSTOMERS I’m currently looking to teach and work the system with this year…

Right, here’s goes…

Firstly, the reason I am writing to invite you today is all thanks to a special Millionaire’s Champagne Lunch I’ve just treated some of those 12 ‘students’ I mentioned.

A champagne lunch held at an exclusive restaurant inside The Shard in London.

As I sat there looking around the table in this magnificent venue, sipping champagne and overlooking the city below, two things suddenly struck me…

Firstly, that yes EVERY SINGLE PERSON sitting at that table… WITHOUT EXCEPTION… had not only made a considerable amount of money using my system BUT what really hit me was that they’d ALL made ME money too…

Now I Don’t Know The Exact Figure Off The Top Of My Head, But Between Them I’d Probably Made An EXTRA £1.5 MILLION Myself!


Easy. Before teaching them my system, I came to a very simple arrangement with each person.

We agreed that if I were to teach them exactly how to do what I do, work with them and help set it all up so they could do the same on their laptops, smartphones or tablets…

In return they’d be happy to pay me a fair of the resulting profits they made with my system.

It’s a simple arrangement which works extremely well for both parties… 

In other words, we BOTH make exceptionally good money…

The second thing that struck me was this: with Canonbury now fronted by my husband Nick – and because we now use a fulfilment house to run much of that side of the business anyway – I have a LOT of spare time on my hands.

So recently I took a hard look at what I wanted to do with my life over the next few years.

What would bring me the most passion and enjoyment?

And that’s when, sitting up there in a restaurant on the 32nd floor of the Shard with these other individuals, it suddenly hit me.

You see, when I really analysed it, what’s really given me the biggest thrill over these past few years has been working with the 12 individuals I mentioned and helping to turn their own lives around… the thrill of seeing them make huge sums of money and the happiness it bought them.

I have to admit it gives you a great sense of worth and pride.

So my NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION for 2018 is to take a step back from the everyday running of Canonbury and do more of what I really love – helping ordinary people to totally change their lives.

Which is why I’d like to take a small group of CANONBURY CUSTOMERS and help each one to not just make a life-changing income, but one they can even involve their whole family in if they wish.

I am just so excited about this NEW project…

And I’m absolutely GENUINE about doing this for you. As I say…


YES, I guess I could just ‘retire’ – but I’m only 46 years old, and what would I do anyway with all my free time?

Spend a life on the beach?

Move to a luxury villa in the sun?

Perhaps relax and travel the world?


Problem is, I already enjoy a great lifestyle.

I have the Multi-Million Pound Home, the first class 5 Star Holidays, the Villas in the sun, the World Travel, the Designer Clothes, the best education for my children, the Financial Freedom and all the rest…

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic, but once you’ve attained the lifestyle, then you really need to think about what YOU want to do with your life.

I promise, you’ll feel exactly the same somewhere down the line.

Just put yourself in my position. 

Imagine if you had the lifestyle right now…

Imagine if you owned perhaps the £1 million+ property in the country you’d always wanted…

Imagine you owned a holiday villa in the south of France

Imagine you owned the car of your dreams, a brand new luxury Range Rover perhaps…

Imagine you travelled to exotic destinations such as the Maldives and enjoyed 5 Star holidays whenever you wanted…

Imagine if you could fly first class to Australia or New Zealand without batting an eyelid at the price…

Imagine if you owned the Rolex watches… the designer clothes

Imagine if you had the money to help and treat family members…

Imagine you had the FREEDOM to do what you wanted when you wanted…

In short, imagine you had ALL the things you really would want to make your life idyllic…

Well then, let me ask you, what next? 

What would you do if you had all this?

Honestly, at some point you’ll feel like getting your teeth into something new.

It may not be teaching others how to do what has bought you success of course.

Perhaps you may instead want to invest and build an International Property Portfolio and manage villas abroad.

Perhaps you may want to travel the world and write a travel book.

Or perhaps you may want to pursue a hobby more actively and run a Stand-up Paddle Boarding School somewhere in the Caribbean for example.

We are all completely different.

But whatever it is, when you’ve attained the lifestyle you want, you too will want to do something you feel passionate about.

Something which excites you and gives you a reason to get up in the morning with enthusiasm…

For me it will be about taking on this immensely exciting project and doing everything I can to help someone like you towards their first million and to experience the same kind of lifestyle Nick and I enjoy…

Which is why I’ve decided to dedicate this year to doing just that and which of course brings me to you and what I believe to be the extraordinary offer I am about to present to you.

So get yourself comfortable and I hope you are ready for this because how you respond to what now follows in the next few minutes could just be about to change the course of your entire life.

Let me start by giving you a little of my background, as it will explain how I came to be doing what I am now…

And tell you what you’ll need to do if you want to be one of these privately trained individuals…

OK, the first thing I’d like to make clear to you – and to remove any doubts you may have – is to say to you categorically right now, that:…


You certainly DON’T need any special skills or experience.

Indeed, I’m the perfect example of this because I am nothing special at all myself.

I’m just an ordinary woman with an ordinary background.

Never had much money to begin with… never had any contacts to help me… and never had any lucky breaks.

My life was just pretty average in every possible way.

I certainly didn’t have a privileged upbringing.

In fact, as a child I lived with my parents in a rented house as we struggled to make ends meet.

So we weren’t exactly flush with cash as they say.

I went to the local state school and as I had no money to fund myself, going to university wasn’t even an option.

Instead I left school having just scraped through a handful of exams and got my first full time job shortly after, as an office junior for a construction company earning a little over £100 a week.

From there I eventually changed jobs and secured a position as a marketing assistant at a publishing company. Though again, with a pretty low salary.

Still it paid the bills and it was during my time here that I met my future husband, Nick… 

To cut a long story short, eventually Nick and I got married and between our two wages we managed to pull enough money together for the deposit on a TINY EX-COUNCIL FLAT.

I’ve got to say it was a REAL struggle just to do that and it didn’t get any easier because no sooner had we exhausted our money saving for the deposit, than I fell pregnant with our first child.

Fast-forward a few months and I was being rushed off to the local hospital where I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy (well everyone thinks their baby is beautiful).

After a few days passed I was allowed back home to our little ex-council flat.

But no sooner had I stepped through the door than we had a problem.

The boiler broke, the flat was freezing, we had no hot water, no one seemed to be able to fix it and we certainly didn’t have enough money for a new one.

So we ended up having to take our new baby home to my mum’s where we all had to live in the spare room while we waited for the heating to finally get fixed.

Well I won’t go into everything but if things had been easy I guess I probably wouldn’t be writing to you today… 

However, the fact that they weren’t, meant I spent a lot of time sitting in the spare bedroom at my parent’s house just thinking.

Often exhausted from a very, very demanding baby, I used to sit on the bed looking out of the window generally watching the rain trickling down the pane.

And it was on one particular grey day, feeding my baby, staring blankly through the window when something dawned on me.

I began to think about the amount of money – and it was a LOT – that the people running the company Nick and I had been working for, were making.

Yet all they were doing was simply publishing some little printed information products and popping them in the post to their customers.

DON’T WORRY, this is absolutely NOT what I’m about to show you how to do.

I’m only mentioning this so I can explain how I came to be doing what I’m now doing and how as a result…

I now make £7,500 TO £25,000 A WEEK!

But back then, the more I thought about what my bosses did, the more I became convinced that I could easily do what they were doing, but from home.

After all, back then all they were doing was sticking some letters in the post and selling these information products from them.

It wasn’t exactly a difficult business.

But the amount of money they made, I have to admit, totally blew me away.

So I took the decision to start my own publishing business from home…

I just KNEW that this was the way forward for me and something I could easily run in a few hours a week around looking after my son.

However, one thing became very clear to me from the start.

Everyone making money in this business back then seemed to be male.

So I figured that if I put my ‘mumsie’ photo out as the ‘face’ of my new enterprise, my fledgling business would not be as successful as if the business was ‘fronted’ by a man (thankfully this isn’t the case anymore).

Which is why I got my husband Nick to become the ‘face’ of my new business.

So with Nick as the ‘front man’, and little old me actually running things in the background, I started Canonbury Publishing from a small desk in our tiny sitting room.

Since those early days, as you can guess, this simple little business I started just grew and grew…

Going on to make us MILLIONS OF POUNDS!

I won’t bore you with the whole story – but suffice to say it has become very successful over the years.

And the more successful we became the less we actually worked, as we handed virtually ALL the work over to a great fulfilment company who did the day-to-day admin for us.

They handled the customer’s orders, sent out the products, processed the payments, dealt with queries and generally ran the whole ‘back office’.

I just paid them a tiny % of the sales.

And that was the situation until fairly recently when…

I began to test a NEW ‘business model’ which has been making me thousands of pounds a week…

Yet something which is even easier… takes far, far less time… and involves very little work on my part…

Now bear with me here, because what follows is VERY IMPORTANT!

Indeed, it’s the reason I’m making so much money… the reason why I am confident you can soon emulate what I’m doing right now and use this system to also bank between…

£7,500 TO £25,000+ PER WEEK!

You see it’s all thanks to a shift which has taken place online, especially over the last couple of years.

The world is becoming increasingly MOBILE and with it there has been a massive surge in people accessing DIGITAL CONTENT ON DEMAND – that’s content you can access or download INSTANTLY online.

You’ve only got to look at the quite startling growth of on demand content-based websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime to understand this.

In fact, streaming video is now worth BILLIONS OF POUNDS A YEAR and far eclipses the sale of physical products such as DVDs.

Which is why many predict that DVD’s will go the way of VHS tapes and vinyl before them.

It’s a trend being driven by the fact that today people want to access the content they’re interested in IMMEDIATELY!

They want to access it…


Whether on the train going home from work… on a plane… or even sitting on a beach on the other side of the world.

In fact, influenced by these mobile devices the way we shop, communicate and make money has now changed for good. Little wonder when…


…have access to a connected mobile device and for EVERY one person who accesses the internet from a computer, TWO are doing so from a mobile device.

The point is, mobile devices have changed everything and opened up an enormous untapped market to profit from the DIGITAL ON DEMAND AND STREAMED CONTENT the billions of people are accessing everyday globally.

Especially when it comes to the amazing growth of Video-On-Demand… 

It is becoming truly HUGE and all the predictions are that the growth for this market in 2018 is going to hit a new level altogether.

Now this is important to what I am about to show you and why I’ve been taking a minimum of £7,500 A WEEK.

You see we are at a start of the next digital revolution but a revolution that is just getting started. 

By 2019 for instance it is estimated that video will be responsible for a massive 80% of internet traffic around the world.

That’s just colossal.

While this year we are likely to see a HUGE SURGE in video content creation on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Facebook alone has an astonishing…



So Heloise, what’s it all mean to me?

Quite a lot actually if you want to be one of the Canonbury Customers I’m looking for.

You see I found a really simple way of making £400,000 to £1.2 MILLION POUNDS a year from this On Demand trend.

Or to be more precise, I am now making a fortune from the monthly subscriptions people are paying for particular On-Demand Content Websites.

Actually, if you saw what I was doing to make that £7,500-£25,000 A WEEK I mentioned I think you’d be pretty amazed.

You see I really do little more than sit at home, relaxing with a cup of tea and spending an hour or so on one of my mobile devices doing a bit of simple ‘house-keeping’.

It’s something you’ll love and is so easy.

How easy?

Well take a look because all that basically happens is this:

  • The system I use brings potential subscribers to an on-demand content website which hosts these On-Demand videos… a website I DON’T create…

  • They complete their monthly subscription online to the video series of their choice. Videos I DON’T create either…
  • I get paid their subscription fee immediately…

  • Each month they then receive an automated email reminding them that the next on-demand video is ready. They click on the link in that email and can either stream it direct on their mobile device to watch it INSTANTLY or DOWNLOAD it to watch it when they want…
  • And this is simply repeated month after month for the length of the subscription – the full length of which can vary anywhere from 12 months to several years

That is the entire ‘business’ model. Honestly it is no harder than that at all.

And the results have been truly phenomenal, as I say, often…


I genuinely believe it is the perfect one-person business.

In fact, it’s very difficult to see how you could not make money from it as there’s…

  • NO Fulfilment for you to do…
  • NO Orders for you to process…
  • NO Videos for you to create…
  • NO Postage, Packaging or Delivery costs for you…
  • NO Phone calls for you take…
  • NO Personal selling for you to do…
  • NO Texts for you to send…
  • NO Credit cards for you to process…
  • NO Charts for you to study…
  • NO Figures for you to analyse…

But the real beauty of it all is that…

Virtually all the background ‘work’ is run on AUTOPILOT by the inbuilt software

It responds to the transactions, collects the subscriptions, deposits them into my account and ‘delivers’ the On-Demand content for me.

And within the next few minutes I will begin showing you how easy it can be for you to also make really good profitable DAILY RETURNS yourself using no more than your smartphone, iPad (any tablet will do) or laptop/PC from videos you DON’T produce and from on-demand-content websites you DON’T create either.

In fact, the way this works is pretty unique so even with JUST 30 subscribers, that would cover most people’s current yearly income.

You’ll see that in a moment when you can work out exactly how many subscribers you’d need the system to generate for you to match your current monthly income.

And I think you’ll be surprised at how few it is.

Oh, and please DON’T WORRY, there’s definitely NO techie stuff to do here.

Look at it this way, you DON’T need to have any knowledge or skills to search for something on Google or watch a video on YouTube.

You DON’T need any skills to answer a text message or to read your email.

Well it’s the same with the system I am going to demonstrate to you.

It’s an amazing, amazing business…

And one which PAYS EXTREMELY WELL with just a small number of individuals required from the billions online viewing video content every day.

Actually, I’ve never come across a business like it.

And the reason you can make such a large income from only a small number of ‘customers’ is because, as with Netflix and Amazon Prime, the VOD (video-on-demand) products are all SUBSCRIPTIONbased.

That is to say, the viewer pays a MONTHLY FEE to access the content they want.

As I say it works in much the same as Netflix or Amazon Prime where people across the world pay via a monthly subscription to be able to access the content they want, when they want, on the device they want.

The only difference here being that YOU ACTUALLY GET PAID FOR THE SUBSCRIPTIONS the system brings to various On-Demand Content-based websites…

…and that the content I’m talking about carry much higher monthly subscriptions than Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Let’s see how this all works in practice by looking at some figures…

Say the system has generated 500 monthly subscriptions for you for just ONE digital content set.

Which incidentally, isn’t that difficult when the ENTIRE GLOBE is your market…

…and when it’s as easy for the system to instantly deliver the video content to someone in Sydney, Australia as it is to deliver to your next-door neighbour.

  • The ‘delivery’ time is the same – INSTANT!
  • And the cost the same – ZERO!

Now let’s use a REAL LIFE monthly figure – £29.95 PER SUBSCRIBER PER MONTH – a figure I myself actually receive on just one of these particular monthly ‘product’.

Here’s An actual screenshot of some of my own recent payments for £29.95 from just one of my current On-Demand Products.

Do you realise, on just this relatively small number of subscribers, as there are very few ‘expenses’ this would


And for that, you wouldn’t have had to talk to any of these people… process any of their video subscriptions… or stock or ship any products obviously as there are no physical products.

The subscriber simply accesses or downloads the streamed video content he/she is subscribing to and your account is automatically credited with their £29.95 EACH MONTH.

Not a bad way to earn the equivalent of a few grand each week, is it?

It’s just the perfect ‘business’ model and one which can genuinely give you the kind of life you’ve dreamt about…

But that is obviously just one example with a fairly low-priced on-demand product.

You might be interested to know that I also use my system to market similar on-demand ‘products’ from which I’m getting £97+ PER MONTH PER SUBSCRIBER.


£50,000 A MONTH!

And it gets even better

Now I have given you a couple of actual examples based on 500 subscribers, however even very small numbers can produce significant monthly returns.

In fact, I’ll prove to you how it doesn’t take many subscribers in this business to make a FULL-TIME LIVING.

For example, another monthly on-demand product brings me in…


Once again, that’s virtually all profit.

Actually let me show you something which will interest you right now.

What’s your current monthly wage?

Now enter it in the calculator below to see how many subscribers it would take to replace that income entirely:



Nope, you didn’t read that incorrectly and the calculator is working just fine.

It really DOESN’T take that many subscribers to quickly secure a full-time income.

With just one £97 per month On-Demand Content service for example:

  • Just 20 subscribers in total would cover an income of £23,000+ p.a
  • Just 30 subscribers in total would cover an income of around £35,000 p.a
  • Just 50 subscribers in total would cover almost £60,000 p.a. income…
  • Just 100 subscribers in total would bring in over almost £116,000 p.a. income…

As you’ll see when we meet, you could replace your existing salary with just a few subscribers…

Yet unlike working 5 days a week, leaving home early and getting back late, to earn this equivalent wage you don’t even need to leave the house.

NO more alarm clocks… NO more struggling through the traffic to get to work… NO more bosses to answer to… NO more deadlines to meet… NO more calls to make… NO more having to ask if you can take a holiday on a particular day or week…

Instead, you are FREE from ALL that.

But beyond the money, the best bit of it all is the freedom it gives you…

In other words, you’re not glued to a screen all day.

Not constantly having to check your mobile, tablet or laptop.

Not constantly having to use the system to bring in new subscribers.

This is because, as much of it is run on AUTOPILOT the money just keeps rolling in even when you’re on holiday.

Only recently for instance Nick and I were away enjoying a lovely holiday in America, yet while we were basically just relaxing and having fun, just one of the On-Demand Content Services we were receiving monthly payments for brought us in £38,913.00.

And honestly, we literally didn’t do anything for it.

We didn’t look at any of our mobile devices when we were away.

We didn’t check anything.

We didn’t even know we had some new subscribers.

Everything was being run for us back in the UK.

Payments taken… ‘product’ delivered… payment deposited into our account.

In short




How would you like to do that? 

How would you like to go somewhere like say the Maldives, doing nothing but relaxing in a beautiful water villa for 3 weeks for example, and as you did, nearly £40,000 rolled in to your account?

It literally wouldn’t have mattered if you put your mobile or laptop in a safe when you arrived at your villa and left it until the day of your departure.

It wouldn’t have mattered if you spent most of your days laying on a beach… sailing… sleeping in a hammock… drinking cocktails by the pool… snorkelling… deep-sea fishing… zooming across the turquoise waters on a jet-ski… strolling down the powdered white beaches collecting shells… doesn’t matter, you’d still have made that money.

And you wouldn’t have lifted a finger to do so.

Now I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of a better business in the world than that.

Before we continue, I need to make a serious point…


Look, I’m not going to insult you by claiming this is a complete no-brainer, push-button get-rich-quick opportunity.

Both you and I know they don’t exist.

In fact, you will face challenges as with any new endeavour.

However, if you accept them as a normal part of the journey, the rewards are more than worth it!

That’s why I’m greatly inspired by the “let’s-get-the-job-done” type of optimistic, positive-thinking, forward-facing people who understand all life is an adventure to be embraced!

These are the people I want to spend my time helping.

Which brings me to you… and the amazing offer I am about to make to you…

The one-off RISK-FREE INVITATION to come along to meet me in April when I will personally show you how to make £7,500 to £25,000+ PER WEEK from your own smartphone, tablet or laptop…

Now, I understand you may be sceptical, I would too if someone sent me an invitation out of the blue.

However, this is precisely why I’m more than happy for you to come along and take afi look even BEFORE you decide if you want to be one of the tiny elite of Canonbury Customers I’m looking to do this with in 2018.

That way you can just take a look for yourself which means you can relax as…



So yes, though I know £7,500 TO £25,000 A WEEK on average does seems an amazing amount of money… and it certainly would have been the stuff of dreams for me a few years back… but I can promise you, not only is it true, I’ll PROVE it to you.

So please even if you have NEVER made any money before online… even if NOTHING has ever worked for you… just suspend your sceptism, because I genuinely do have something which I know can change your life quite dramatically and quite quickly.

And to help PROVE it and to FAST TRACK you, I’ll not just meet you and personally teach you exactly how to use this system but as this is the FIRST TIME AND POTENTIALLY ONLY TIME I’ll be doing this, I’ll make it even easier.

I have spent the last 2 months sourcing and securing a..



Video-On-Demand Packs which are ALL FRESH, BANG UP TO DATE and have been filmed here in the UK… 

Some of them were literally only filmed a few days ago, whilst filming for one of the sets is so new, fresh and current, that shooting of it has only just been scheduled with the production company to begin in a couple of weeks.

Now I want you to realise that these videos are NOT simply video-on-demand packages offered to other online on-demand content ‘traders’.

In fact, these videos are ONLY available through me as I have a close working relationship with one of the world’s leading global licence brokers of this kind of material.

Which is why I get access to the very latest releases when they come up.

So having secured them on your behalf I am now able to hand you access to the entire library when we meet.

And of course, show you exactly how to make a regular recurring income from them.

You’ll essentially be walking out with a ready-made ‘On-Demand Subscription Business’ and a subscription mining system which you can begin using the very next day.

Of course, you may be thinking that it’s all very well having a huge portfolio of VOD products, but what about the subscribers?

Where do I get these from? After all, that’s how your income is generated.

Well that’s where my training and as I say, the Subscription Mining System I use comes in. Because you’ll be working with me directly I will first do as I have done for the other 12 people I mentioned earlier – who if you recall to date have banked between £250,000 to £4,000,000 EACH!!

So here’s what I’ll do for you, so you can experience similar results…

Of course, having products is one thing but the other part of the jigsaw is having a targeted database – a list of interested individuals likely to subscribe.

This was something Nick and I had to build over the last 15 years.

So to help you, we will short-cut you straight to lists of customers, providing you in effect with Traffic On-Demand.

In fact, to kickstart your on-demand business, Nick and I have agreed to allow you access to our lists of customers – at NO CHARGE!

Now that’s a HUGE advantage you have over ourselves that’s for sure.

Having the chance to access the hottest databases of customers in our industry is an amazing opportunity.

Think about it for a moment…

NO advertising to get new customers – you get access straight away to the names and addresses of a Multi-Million Pound Company.

The same database which over the years has generated:


Which is why an industry leader recently made us a cash offer of exactly
£1,000,000 to buy it from us.


However, it’s worth millions of pounds more to us if we use it ourselves, so we respectfully declined his offer.

Actually, it’s such a good database that this list has been responsible for us buying a £3.5 MILLION PROPERTY in London… a list which has enabled us to buy a BRAND NEW Luxury Mercedes CLS AM 63… a list in other words which has given us an idyllic lifestyle and true Financial Freedom.

It took us 15 years to build this up and we are still adding to them every week.

You’ll have access to this huge database to kickstart your online business, but WITHOUT ever having done any of the work to get them… spent any of the money… or invested years of your time to do so.

Or indeed, the value of what Nick will do for you by WRITING ENDORSEMENT LETTERS ON YOUR BEHALF and emailing them to this list for you.

Remember, it’s exactly what we did with ALL 12 of the other individuals I mentioned.

We let each one use our list, sent out some endorsement emails for them and as a result ALL have made small fortunes.



But of course, I’ll also teach you how to use the system to bring in BRAND NEW SUBSCRIBERS of your own.

You can copy how I do it myself, getting my system to ‘mine’ for new subscribers and add them to our own database.

Now we’ll talk about this when we meet, so please don’t worry about it for now…

Everything will fall into place when we’re sat together.

Now let me give you a little information about just some of the fresh Video-On-Demand packs in the portfolio I’ll be providing you with.

Just to give you a flavour…




Nick and I have made MILLIONS OF POUNDS in this particular product niche so I’m very excited about having secured this for you.

You’ll be one of the FIRST IN THE WORLD, to get access to the type of video set the demand for which is HUGE!

And in an area getting bigger all the time.

In fact, I know our customers will be extremely interested in it – and as I mentioned, I’m happy give you access to our database AND get Nick to write an endorsement letter introducing you to the list, in order to get you off to a great start.

I can also put you in contact with other MULTI-MILLION POUND ‘players’ in this business to do the same for you to their subscriber lists on a joint share of the profits with you.

Now consider that these guys have HUGE LISTS of customers already so you can make money straight away once you have one of these endorsed joint venture deals.

Actually, I do this myself.

For example, one I did last year with one of these individuals made Nick and I over £1/2 MILLION POUNDS in a matter of weeks.

All from one of these individuals simply offering one of the ‘products’ we’d sourced, to their own list for us and for a share of the profits.

By the way, that £500,000 we took was what we made – AFTER he had taken his share.

Now it doesn’t get much easier than that??

It’s a great way to get started in this business and see your profits rocket quickly. No need to even use the system to generate subscribers yourself.






One area that Nick and Canonbury have been very successful with is in the ‘How to…’ niche market.

Actually, we have made MILLIONS OF POUNDS through Canonbury with this and Nick has many contacts in this area.

So knowing how big the market is and how very lucrative, I asked Nick to help me select some new video products that would appeal.

I’ve got to say, he didn’t disappoint.

This particular ready-made Video-On-Demand Pack features hours of content in the form of an online training course and is going to prove very, very popular.

As with the other videos, this set was put together to a VERY HIGH STANDARD and features EXPERTS in their particular field.

REAL experts with REAL world experience in the topic they are teaching which is so important.

You want your subscribers to have the confidence in the quality of your video products – it keeps them coming back for more, over the coming months and years.

As I said, I’ll run through these with you when we meet but all you need to know for now is that as with all these video-on-demand packs, they are FIRST CLASS in every way. Neither you or the subscribers will be disappointed that’s for sure.

Personally, I LOVE this pack and Nick has already said that he would be extremely excited to offer it to our ‘subscribers’ on your behalf.

There’s virtually NO COST INVOLVED… profits can roll in VERY QUICKLY… in fact you could be making money within LESS THAN 24 HOURS of launch.






Social Media – love it or hate it – it’s a big part of so many people’s lives.

Billions of people worldwide use it every day – yet few know how to make money from platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook etc.

And yet by using these very impressive ready-made on demand video training products that I have obtained for you, you’ll be in a position to use the system to offer them to probably the biggest market in the world.

There are literally BILLIONS of people using social media every single day.

To give you an idea just how profitable this could be for you, a good friend of mine recently offered a training video simply on how to use a social media site.

So far that one simple video-on-demand product has brought him in…

£210,699.00 IN JUST 6 MONTHS!


Yet – and this is most important here – he DIDN’T create the video series.

Neither did he have to pay any royalties – NO commissions… NO profit share.

That’s the same type of ‘deal’ I have arranged for you.



As I said, I have a lot more Fresh Video-on-Demand Packs to give you – in fact, the value of just the rights to offer them coming to:

But not only am I more than happy to provide this £71,369.40 VOD valued pack to you…

PLUS give you access to our HUGE highly responsive OnDemand Customer and Subscriber list…

PLUS arrange for Nick to write several endorsement emails to this list and even send them out for you…

But I am going to do something else which is pretty HUGE in itself… 

As you’ll hopefully be one of the people I’m looking for and this is the first and quite possibly only time I’ll be taking any on, I’ll ALSO give you the following..







When the subscriptions come into the On-Demand Content Website you’ll want to have a record of EVERY single subscriber and the payments they make to you over the coming months.

You’ll want to see at a glance the kind of profits you’re making.

By having a record of each new subscriber as they come on board, you begin to build your own ‘database’ of subscribers/customers… customers that you can then use the system to offer other on-demand products to in the future.

That’s how we started Canonbury.

We had no customers to start with.

Yet using the techniques I’ll share with you, we built a solid database of customers over time.

That database is now the core of our business.

So you’ll want to do the same – and you’ll want some bespoke software which will both AUTOMATICALLY TRACK ALL OF THE SUBSCRIBERS being pulled in by the OnDemand System AND provide you with a complete subscription history (whilst also holding ALL their contact details names, addresses, email addresses etc).

Luckily one company here in the UK developed and wrote its own software specifically for our type of business – in other words, it wasn’t something bought ‘off the shelf’.

On the contrary, it was built from the ground up which is why the development costs alone were in…

EXCESS OF £50,000

But I Have Arranged For You To Get A


There’s NO royalties or software license fees to pay for either.

In fact, if you wanted to buy software like this right now the off the shelf price would cost around £5,000.

However, I’ll provide this for you completely free if you’d like to be one of the new students I’m looking for.

Naturally I’ll show you how this software works – which is really simple by the way – and hand you a copy when you are ready to use it.

And when you do, you’ll realise how powerful and invaluable it is, as it does much of the background work for you.

This kind of software is a major reason for example how that friend of mine, who I’ll tell you about when we meet, generated 33,000 SUBSCRIBERS for himself and made himself MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF POUNDS.

£50,000 Developed Software worth



 Nick Laight’s



One of the secrets behind Canonbury’s success is a private vault containing hundreds of files Nick uses.

This is something that gets kept in our offices and which Nick consults whenever he launches a new project

Now obviously I realise it won’t make much sense to you yet and I can’t say much about it here because Nick NEVER releases the information in this vault (not even to the 12 individuals I’ve mentioned).

It’s only going to be released to those who meet me in person.

However, it will all make sense to you when we do meet.

All you need to know for now is that the contents of this private information which Nick uses has generated an astonishing:


You can’t get these files anywhere else.

It’s something that was put together by a wealthy individual and gifted to Nick.

Actually, I remember the night he came home with it, you should have seen his face. It was probably the best present he had ever been given for his business.

As I say, I can’t say too much about it right now, and even if I could it wouldn’t make any sense until you see how Nick uses it, but I will cover it in detail on the day. And after…


Estimated value


Which brings me to you and the quite INCREDIBLE OFFER I will now make you…

So if you genuinely would like to be one of the Canonbury customers I’m looking for then, to recap, in return…

I will personally meet you and privately teach you exactly how to go from where you are now to do what I do myself – making £25,000 to £100,000 per month direct from a laptop, tablet or smartphone…

I’ll show YOU how easy it is to use the same system I use to make recurring profits CONSISTENTLY month after month, year after year…

I’ll help you get started by providing you with a HUGE PORTFOLIO OF FRESH VIDEO-ON-DEMAND CONTENT… video series which are all ready to be delivered online…

Video-on-Demand Portfolio with a worldwide licence value of £71,369.40 – that’s what you’d have to pay to secure the rights to get subscribers for them if you were to do this on your own…

I’ll show you how to easily sell these VODs worldwide not just to the English-speaking audience, but I’ll even tell you how to sell them into other language areas…

For example, the Spanish speaking population consists of around 400 MILLION PEOPLE worldwide – that’s more than English speakers. Add to that a Chinese speaking population and you have another 1.2 BILLION

I’ll give you access to our own HIGHLY RESPONSIVE HUGE GLOBAL ONDEMAND DATABASE OF ON-DEMAND CUSTOMERS AND SUBSCRIBERS who have NEVER seen any of the videos in your library. The same database an industry online leader has only just offered us £1,000,000.00 for in the last couple of weeks. You’ll get the opportunity to use the system to our own highly targeted, hugely responsive and growing Canonbury OnDemand List – an extremely profitable list which over the past few years has generated MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF POUNDS

I will arrange with Nick to WRITE ENDORSEMENT LETTER ON YOUR BEHALF and email it to this list for you. Remember, it’s exactly what we did with ALL 12 of the other individuals I mentioned. We let each one use our list, sent out some endorsement emails for them and as a result ALL have made small fortunes.

I’ll also teach you how to use the system to bring in BRAND NEW SUBSCRIBERS outside this database if you wish to do that as well. I do it myself, getting my system to ‘mine’ for new subscribers and add them to our own database.

I’ll provide you with BESPOKE VIDEO-ON-DEMAND AUTOMATED SUBSCRIBER SOFTWARE which cost £50,000 to develop specifically for this type of business… and I’ll give it to you COMPLETELY FREE! Software which will AUTOMATICALLY TRACK ALL OF THE SUBSCRIPTIONS being pulled in by the OnDemand System and provide you with a complete subscription history whilst also holding ALL their contact details. 

I’ll hand over a copy of Nick’s PRIVATE VAULT! The secret behind Canonbury’s success which contains hundreds of files worth at least £7,575. A ‘vault’ of information he uses whenever he launches a new project. The information in these files has generated £13,571,428.00

I’ll show you a system which has worked for EVERYONE I’ve taught it to – WITHOUT EXCEPTION! The same one I have only ever taught to 12 individuals all of who have already made between £1/4 MILLION TO £4 MILLION POUNDS

I’ll reveal to you just how easy it is to do this from anywhere in the world you choose… all you need is an Internet connection, a laptop, tablet or smartphone and that’s it – YOU’RE GOOD TO GO!

I’ll show you a business which will enable you to retire from what you do now and NEVER have to worry about money ever again so you can not just help yourself and lead the lifestyle YOU want but also help out your children, siblings, parents and/or friends….

I’ll teach you something which will take you ONLY 1 HOUR A DAY to do with much of the work simple ‘admin’ type work…

I’ll even GUARANTEE it so you can come and take a look BEFORE you even decide if you want to be one of the handful of people I’m going to do this for in 2018. Which means there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO RISK in coming along to see how this works…

OK Heloise, sounds great. I’d love to be one of the Canonbury customers you’re looking to work with directly in 2018…

What do I need to do now?

Well to apply for one of these positions I’ve made it really simple and straightforward.

Firstly, let me remind you, I certainly DON’T expect you to make a final decision until you’ve met me… listened to what I have to say… seen how this works… looked at the Video-On-Demand products… the type of On-demand Content Websites I’m talking about… heard what a typical day would be like for you now and in the future… and seen how I intend to take you from where you are now towards a


Of course, I understand you may be sceptical, as these kind of figures may seem amazing.

Nevertheless, they are true and what I’ve been making for years now.

But to put your mind at rest, I am more than happy for you to come along and take a look at everything even BEFORE you decide if you’d like to copy this from your own home.

This way you can come along nice and relaxed safe in the knowledge that just to take a look:-


However, I’m sure you’d appreciate that at the same time I would only like you to apply for a position if you know you’d be COMMITTED to working this with me.

So, YES if you do decide you want me to teach you this personally and work with you through 2018 there is a token covering fee for the training and ready-made on-demand fast track VOD and subscription mining package.

Don’t worry, I know you’re probably thinking of that £71,369.40 Video-On-Demand Portfolio but what I propose you do is NOTHING like you’d think and which I might add is FULLY PROTECTED.

But I’ve come up with a covering fee which will basically help to cover my own costs of doing what I did with the other 12 individuals I mentioned who as you are aware have EACH banked up to £4 MILLION POUNDS.

However, saying that, I think you’ll be very pleased at what is quite an amazing offer I will now make to you…

Especially when you consider what you are receiving.

For a start, even if you were to source and secure a Huge Private Video-On-Demand Portfolio as I’ve done for you, not only would you first have to have the contacts, but in this case you’d have to pay at least £71,369.40 for the GLOBAL LICENCE FEES just to have the permission to sell subscriptions to them.

Or of course, if you didn’t want to buy ready-made content the only other option would be for you to create Video-on-Demand products yourself.

But think of the work and costs involved even for just one video series (which is why I never do this).

You’d first have to find and pay an expert in their field and get them to agree to go out of their way and front that video series.

Then you’d have to encourage them to agree to release the content for sale which would probably cost you a large royalty fee.

You’d have to hire a Full Production Team, Camera Crew, Lighting Team, an Audio Technician, Sound Crew, a Video Editor, Actors, Script Writers and Desginers for several days or weeks.

All this on its own would cost well over £25,000 – and that’s just for ONE video series.

For a whole portfolio you’re conservatively looking at £200,000.

Then there’s everything else being brought to the table for you…

If you had to create bespoke software especially for this kind of business you’d have to pay a software company to design your ‘subscription’ software too, probably at a cost of some £50,000.

Even if you bought this off the shelf you’d be looking at £5,000.

If you wanted to use the information in Nick’s PRIVATE VAULT that would cost you at least £7,575 for a copy.

To build your own Huge Highly Responsive OnDemand Global Database would take you years and cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds over those years to build it up.

Or, if you wanted a shortcut and bought the database off us for example, it would be at least £1 MILLION POUNDS even if we were prepared to sell it.

As you know, we have just turned down a CASH OFFER for exactly this amount for our own database just 2 weeks ago.

If you wanted a head of a publishing company like Nick to write endorsement emails for you and send them out to his own list, it would cost you a few thousand pounds for such a service (again, even if you could get a head of an organisation to agree to do this for you).

If you wanted to ‘hire’ someone to teach you who has made millions of pounds doing this themselves…

Someone with an impeccable record, and who is not only honest, straight and credible but who has the LIFESTYLE and PROOF to back up everything they say…

That would again cost you maybe £1,500 AN HOUR AT CURRENT RATES FOR THEIR TIME – MINIMUM!

And that’s even if you could first find such a person – and if you could get them to agree to go out of their way to sit down with you privately and teach you… to take you on as their apprentice as it were.

And get them to agree to allow you to COPY what they are doing.

In short, if you wanted all this to be done for you, what would you consider a fair price?

How much would you be willing to pay to be taught a way of making money online which is currently making me £7,500 to £25,000+ A MONTH and changing the lives of the other individuals I’ve taught? Something which comes complete with the ‘products’ and access to a database ideally suited to subscribe to these products?

The fact is, to simply buy everything listed above – even if that were possible when starting out – would genuinely cost you a small fortune.

Which is why for what amounts to a ready-made business complete with FULL PRIVATE TRAINING… the PRODUCTS


I should really ask for at least:


Even though it would cost you vastly more than this if you were to do all this yourself.

Actually, that alone WOULD NOT EVEN COVER THE COST to produce and create one video series.

However, on the other hand I realise £10,997+vat for most people is just way, way out of the question.

So I originally decided to price this for the full training, materials and my system at a much more reasonable:-


Still not cheap I understand, but as you’ve seen, for what you receive, it would be more than worth that.

After all, £5,997+vat for a business currently bringing me in £25,000 TO £100,000 A MONTH represents fantastic value.

For a system which has worked for everyone I have taught and provided them EACH with up to £4,000,000

However, as I am specifically doing this for Canonbury customers, I have decided to help out even more by coming up with a solution which I think you’ll agree is fair all round.

Though Nick thinks I’m crazy, it’s one you’ll love…

A solution which will FULLY PROTECT YOU and which is the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM I can do this for without losing money myself…

So I’ll do EVERYTHING I’ve said NOT for that £10,997+vat or even £5,997+vat but:-




In Other Words, If You Only Got


FOR THE WHOLE OF 2018-2019

That Alone Would Actually Cover ALL Your Training, Products, Software AND Materials – THE LOT!

Yep, just three subscribers paying £99 per month.

Don’t believe me?

Just see for yourself…



As you see, if you only got 3 customers… 3 subscribers paying £99 per month for a Video-On-Demand series that would come to £3,564 OVER THE YEAR.

And I think you’ll be getting a LOT more than just 3 subscribers ??

And of course, the £2,997+vat figure can not just go down as a business expense so is TAX DEDUCTIBLE, but you can get ALL the vat back on it too.


I’ll even provide you with my PERSONAL 100% NO RISK GUARANTEE!

I would like you to be totally comfortable with doing this… after all, though I am financially secure today, it’s certainly not always been like that for me.

So I understand how you might feel about the training and VOD package fee of £2,997+vat – despite the fact it represents absolutely amazing value for everything you get.

However I, more than most people, know what it’s like to worry about money and whether an opportunity will be right for me or not.

So I’d like to protect you with what I think you’ll find is a very fair guarantee.

Just come along, see what I have to say, take a look at this business and how you can make money from it, and if by lunchtime you decide its not for you, that’s perfectly fine, its not a problem.




I’ll even let you keep the £5,000 valued software and a copy of Nick’s £7,575 private vault file with my compliments.

 In Other Words, Even If You Walk Away You Still Get To Keep


But I’ll go even further than this, because…

If you do decide to go ahead, to give you even more security, if you like I’ll even Privately Coach and Mentor you for an entire year…

You’ll have me as your own private coach guiding and mapping everything out for you to make sure you make money from this business.

In short, you’ll have someone who uses this system to deposit thousands of pounds on average every single day.

Now think seriously about this, because, without doubt, the absolute easiest and quickest way for a person to achieve their goals is to find someone who has already achieved similar results to the ones you want and copy them.


I don’t know a single wealthy person that hasn’t been mentored – not one.

It is crucial and probably the one element stopping most people from reaching their financial goals.

So as well as providing a whole day of training… help you set up… provide you with products… software… give you access to the Canonbury database and arrange for Nick to contact them for you… if you’d like, I will literally take you under my wing for at least a year.

I’ll happily be there month after month for you keeping you focused and on track.

Each month I’ll send you a UNIQUE PASSWORD that lets you access and download an online package containing highly-sensitive documents…

You’ll get blueprints and process maps walking you through how to make more money from your business with less effort and in less time.

You get FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS TEMPLATES and SWIPE FILES… plus access to the results of the tests I’m running each month… showing you what’s workinghow I’m creating extra revenue, where the new traffic sources are, and more.

You’ll be looking over my shoulder as I test new offers and make more money.

It’s like getting a call from me, personally, every monthgiving you behind-the-scenes rundown of everything that’s making the most money right now

And then showing you how to adapt them for your business fast.

The only other way to have access to this information would be if you worked in my office… shoulder to shoulder with me… every day.

You’ll also get MY PRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESS so that you can ask me questions or check things when you are ready…

Furthermore, as the project develops, I will include an EXTRA BONUS.

I will contact other major players in this industry. Individuals who also have their own HUGE GLOBAL DATABASES.

In fact, one of these individuals is that person I mentioned who has had 33,000 MONTHLY SUBSCRIBERS just for a single monthly product.

I will talk to him and others like him on your behalf about arranging to endorse your offer so they can also email their own lists on your behalf too.

This could be absolutely colossal for you.

It’s another way of generating huge recurring monthly incomes which I’ve done myself on several occasions.

I’ll talk more to you about this when we meet.

However, as I said, all this is just an additional option for you if you’d like me to work closely with you during your first year.

Now for me to privately coach you in this way for a whole year – to essentially become your own private millionaire coach and approach other major players in the industry for you – there is a small separate fee per month to cover my costs of that ongoing coaching mentoring and training. I will make it just £99+vat per month.

Again this amount is TAX DEDUCTIBLE of course as you can put it down as a business expense, get the vat back too and actually is an amount which would be:-




And I’m sure my ongoing support and assistance will be worth a little more than getting you ONLY 1 SOLITARY MONTHLY PAYING SUBSCRIBER FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR – in other words, its not exactly going to be a large issue.

Still having said that I must stress:


You DON’T have to take up the offer to be privately coached by me on a monthly basis if you don’t wish to.

You will learn everything from the day’s training.

However, it is an extra option for you which does carry many benefits and as…


…and because you DON’T have to continue after this… it’s seriously worth considering.

And naturally even if you do decide you want me to continue coaching you after this free period you can stop the payment whenever you feel you no longer need my coaching.

It’s fine – it’ll always be your call – in your control.

Which brings us to the moment for you to decide what you now wish to do…

Would you like to be one of the candidates I’m looking for in 2018?

If yes, then I promise you I really can show you a way to average £7,500 to £25,000 A WEEK from the simplest of online businesses.

I do it myself and so has everyone else I’ve shown this to and worked with.

And all you need to do now to copy us and start your own journey is to secure your place now before it’s too late by clicking on this link:

Of course, I understand if you may be sceptical. After all £7,500+ per week sounds an awful lot of money.

But it’s exactly why I want to prove it to you by showing you my own accounts AND precisely why I want you to see this for yourself live and first hand BEFORE you even decide if you want to do this yourself.



Just come along, have a look and if by lunchtime you decide its not for you, fine you will not only receive the £2,997+vat back immediately no questions asked, but as a thank you for coming:

I’ll even let you take home, use and keep BOTH the £5,000 software and Nick’s £7,575 private vault files… 

The entire £12,575 pack is yours with my compliments whatever you decide…

Whilst if you do choose to continue even the token £2,997+vat covering fee is easily covered with JUST 3 SUBSCRIBERS in the entire year.

And I think I can help you get more than 3 subscribers for 2018-2019.

Let’s put it this way when I use my system to offer a new product I often have 100s subscribers coming in over a matter of days.

And I have friends in the industry who have literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of them.

You literally have nothing to lose in taking a look…

Think about it.

You already know what its done for myself and my family.

How I’ve gone from an ex-council flat to a beautiful £3.5 MILLION POUND London home…

From an old second-hand car to a Brand New Luxury Mercedes CLS AMG 63

From a life of struggle to one of FINANCIAL FREEDOM where we can do wat we want when we want…

But this is now about you… 

So ask yourself what could £7,500 – £25,000 a month do for you? What difference would it make to your life right now?

What kind of life would it allow you to lead?

It’s a chance for you to create an income source which really will be life-changing:-

  • Pay off your mortgage…
  • Buy a dream home – perhaps move into a luxury 5-bedroom house with swimming pool…
  • Buy a Villa in the sun… a log cabin in the snow…
  • Live and travel first class as many times as you want every year…
  • Buy the dream cars you have always wanted…
  • Fund your retirement so you will never have to worry about money again…

In short, this is your opportunity to create YOUR IDEAL LIFESTYLE… one you will feel passionate about and excited about from the moment you wake up in the morning.

Where you have REAL FREEDOM

The freedom to decide what YOU want to do with your day…

But of course, unless you take a look you’ll never know.

And when it costs nothing just to do that and where even if you decide not to go through with it you still walk away with material worth £12,575 you literally do have NOTHING TO LOSE in finding out if this can create the lifestyle you want.

So just suspend any sceptism and just come along for the day.

You’ll not just have a great time I promise you but if you do decide to do this, you will literally walk out of that room a few hours later with something which genuinely can create a life-changing income for you even if you’ve never made a penny online before.

Remember, even just to cover what you are currently earning, you do not need that many subscribers.

  • Just 20 subscribers in total would cover an income of £23,000+ p.a

  • Just 30 subscribers in total would cover an income of around £35,000 p.a
  • Just 50 subscribers in total would cover almost £60,000 p.a. income…

  • Just 100 subscribers in total would make over £116,000 p.a. income…

Yet unlike working 5 days a week, leaving home early and getting back late, to earn this equivalent wage you don’t even need to leave the house.

NO more alarm clocks… NO more struggling through the traffic to get to work… NO more bosses to answer to… NO more deadlines to meet… NO more calls to make… NO more having to ask if you can take a holiday on a particular day or week…

Instead, you are FREE from ALL that, instead doing something which once running really doesn’t take much more than 1-2 hours a day to upkeep.

But remember…


This is the FIRST AND quite possibly the ONLY TIME I’m going to be doing this, so if you miss this opportunity, that will be it I’m afraid.


And please, don’t be that person who looks back and regrets not having seized the moment they were given.

You can secure your place and always change your mind later – but at least you’ll not risk missing out altogether.

Which just leaves me to say a big:-


Thank you so much for your time… thank you for reading my letter… considering my offer… and I really look forward to meeting you shortly.

Whatever you decide, let me take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for 2018. Take care.

See you soon.

Yours warmly

Heloise Laight

P.S.1 Remember, this is FULLY GUARANTEEDFULLY PROTECTEDFULLY SECURE! You can’t lose a penny just to come and have a look.

P.S.2. Even if you decide it’s not something you want to pursue with you still get to keep material to use and walk away with worth £12,575IT’S YOURS WITH MY COMPLIMENTS JUST AS A THANK YOU FOR COMING ALONG.

P.S.3. Don’t forget, if you don’t want to miss out you’ll have to be quick. I am only looking for a very small group of CANONBURY CUSTOMERS to set up and mentor.


Want To Bring Your Spouse Or Friend? Want To Learn To Do This Together?

No problem.

As I know your friends, family, associates will likely also be interested, I am happy to offer you a FREE guest ticket.

But these free guest tickets are EXTREMELY LIMITED.

So I’d have to know very quickly if you want me to reserve one for you.

A guest ticket may be particularly of interest to you if you have a business partner, work colleague or associate because if you decided to split the cost of the training it effectively would cost you just £1,498 +vat each instead.

In other words, it would work out at almost £1,500+vat CHEAPER for you if you did decide to do it this way.

Naturally, this may not be something are looking for, but I just mention it as it is an option.

However, as I said, you will need to be very QUICK if you want one of these LIMITED guest seats.